Do-it-yourself blinds and curtains

Do-it-yourself blinds and curtains

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Thanks to the numerous master classes of professional summer residents and the original crafts of our readers, today we have the opportunity to present you very interesting material. So, colorful blinds and curtains for the do-it-yourself garden.

Sometimes, it’s even hard to imagine that such a thing is possible, and to do it yourself, and in general it’s incredible. We are talking about original country crafts, which we already have a whole collection. Garden figures, decorative lamps, products from plastic bottles, home-made drinkers for birds ... and now there are blinds and curtains that not only decorate the doorway, but also do not block the access of fresh air, creating a melodious wind music at the slightest draft.

An interesting enough review on country crafts awaits you right now, and therefore stock up on free time and imagination, because most of you will wish to remember the creation algorithm and imagine such creations in your own country house.

Homemade cork curtains on the door

A pretty nice product that does not require you to spend on production materials. We recommend that you start collecting wine bottle corks in advance, or simply visit a nightclub and buy corks from bartenders at a reasonable price.

In addition to corks, you will need a wooden plank, which will be the base of the product, a large needle and fishing line, or a thin nail and nylon rope.

Cut the base from the wooden plank to the size of the doorway, attach a fishing line or thread of the length to which you want to make separate parts of the curtain, and fasten the cork. To do this, it will be necessary to pass a fishing line or thread through the traffic jams, and so that they do not go up and down in the future, simply tie small knots under each of them.

Bottle Cover Door Blinds

Bottle caps were already the material of creations in our hands when we transformed the facade of a country house and made nice garden figures with their help. But today it's time to use the bottle caps for a different purpose.

In exactly the same way as described in the previous paragraph, we prepare the material for the future product. Next, we pass the thread or fishing line through the covers and tie knots to get uniform stripes of blinds.

To make the product more vibrant and exotic, we recommend using covers of different colors and sizes.

Styrofoam and buoy curtains

Every fisherman understands what polystyrene or buoys on nets are. When they deteriorate or dry out, we simply throw them away and set new ones on the network and flags.

It is this material that can be used to produce curtains for doors. You can apply new materials or used materials to create the original product, depending on your desire, only for the base of the strips you will need to use not a fishing line or thread, but, say, a clothesline (by the way, we chose the same for a country dryer).

The process is identical to the previous ones, and after an hour you have a new curtain that can be identified in the interior doorway in the country, hung at the entrance or even in the gazebo.

Curtains made of plastic beads

Such a curtain can be placed not only on the door, but also on the window, depending on how many beads you use and what format you have in mind. It seems to us that there’s almost nothing to talk about the production process, it’s worth noting only that you need to use a thick fishing line for knitting, and instead of knots, string smaller beads on it, which will sit tight and will not allow large beads to slide.

It is advisable to choose transparent beads so that from the curtain there are not only pleasant reflections, but also the light that they will let through!

Knitted curtains in the country

Of course, only real needlework professionals can do such curtains, but many of our women do an excellent job with knitting needles and crochet. Therefore, it seems to us that soon such a wonderful decoration may appear on the windows of a country house.

Naturally, there will be no wind music and original sounds here, but you can complement the overall country design with a colorful decor, especially if the whole country interior is on a rural or folk theme.

Blinds of colored wooden beads

To assemble blinds with your own hands from wooden beads, you will need not only a lot of free time, but also endurance and attention. In fact, the work itself does not seem complicated and special assembly kits can be purchased even on the market. The only thing frightening is that it is a huge puzzle with very small and naughty details that you have to put together.

But if patience is enough, then in a day or two, or even earlier, your country windows will be decorated with very beautiful blinds with a bright pattern!

Wooden curtains on the doorway

It will seem to many that such a product is easier and cheaper to buy in the market or in a store of decor and accessories, and this will be the right decision. But for the general range of our interesting products, we propose to consider as an option and independent production of wooden curtains.

Please note that you can not use purchased items for this creation, but made them yourself, for example, cut out with a jigsaw or a small hacksaw. Agree, when as a result you get ready-made interior curtains, they will seem to you much more expensive than those that you could buy.

Rope blinds

Similar curtains are woven from a thread. Otherwise, there is an option when a thick and curly woven thread is simply assembled on a wooden frame, neatly and consistently. As a result of the first or second event, you get quiet curtains on any interior doorway.

At the entrance, it is better not to hang such curtains, since dust, dry foliage, small insects, and so on can accumulate in the threads, which will quickly spoil the product.

Bright country curtains from tapes

DIY curtain material can even be found in the closet. An old colored pillowcase, a tablecloth, or the same curtain that was previously whole but worn out a little can be the source material. If you decide to make curtains of brighter colors, it is advisable to buy multi-colored ribbons. At the moment, they are commercially available in a large assortment.

Creating a curtain is very simple, by attaching tapes to a wooden plank or even an old cornice. You can think of several ways of fastening - on glue, on a knot, or simply by sewing a button on the ribbon and making a small hole.

Woven straw curtains

It is advisable to buy material for such curtains, since if you weave them yourself from straw or even hard grass, after drying, the material can dry out and turn into garbage.

But you can find a way out of the situation - do not weave the curtain, but tie each element to a knot, or use a more rigid weaving, which after drying is varnished.

Cocktail Blinds

The simplest and cheapest option of those that we considered, since the basis for the original craft may not even be new cocktail tubes, but those that were used.

Collect the straws in advance after a fast food, cafe or evening gatherings in the country, and after a while you will accumulate so many plastic products that they will be enough for more than one set of blinds.

To organize a decorative element in the opening or on the window, you can use a cornice or wooden plank, where you will need to hang several dozen ropes with tubes strung on them. To make the blinds even more outlandish and beautiful, string beads of different colors on the strings between the tubes.

Curtains and blinds with your own hands - this is the simplest decor for a summer house and home, work on which is a pleasure. Collect materials in advance, create a design from improvised means, and in a couple of months you will be able to decorate the whole house, or maybe the summer cottage, with unique and exclusive products.

How to make curtains for a summer residence with your own hands (video)

Blinds and blinds made by yourself are the result of only your efforts, and therefore, if you have new ideas for producing such a decor, help us with tips that you can always leave in the comment box.

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