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Practicality and economy: fiberglass reinforcement in the country

Practicality and economy: fiberglass reinforcement in the country

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Country buildings, the design of the territory, the garden and the vegetable garden, as well as many other factors require certain expenses from us. Today we will try to significantly reduce their use of only one material - fiberglass reinforcement, and at the same time we will not lose a single gram in quality!

Arriving at the summer cottage, we evaluate the situation every day ... it’s time to pull down the house, build a new shower room and a temporary hut, on the right you need to put a greenhouse, and plant tomatoes on the left. There are thousands of such decisions, but each of them depends on free time and financial costs, and if we can find time to work in the country at least on a weekend, then money doesn’t come to us so once a week. There is only one thing left - to save on buildings, decoration, growing some plants. But in order not to limit yourself in the summer cottage business, to continue to build and achieve maximum results, it is not at all necessary to abandon objects or a part of the garden, you can always choose related materials for maintenance, which will cost a little cheaper.

Today we decided to study a material such as fiberglass reinforcement. This is a building material of high class and considerable demand, which can be safely applied in the country. Due to its characteristics and positive qualities, it can be used almost everywhere, which will immediately reduce a certain type of expense by 15-30%. So, let's go into more detail, because the topic is quite interesting!

What is fiberglass reinforcement

This is a unique building material, which is not much different from steel reinforcement according to external data, but on the technical side, it is a serious competitor. Fiberglass and polymers are the basis. The inner part of the reinforcement is a strong collection of fibers that are connected together by polymer resins, the outer part is an array of the same fiber that spirals along the entire length of the rod.

Thanks to the established production, today it is possible to choose material for construction or decoration as an alternative to steel structures, which are simply not suitable for many summer cottages. Moreover, the option we proposed is cheaper than steel, it is easier to mount it, and for work you will not need expensive equipment or the skills of a master.

Advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass reinforcement

You should immediately evaluate the material on both sides, so that you have the opportunity to understand how suitable it is for certain jobs in the country. Among the huge number of advantages and disadvantages, we decided to indicate only the most significant!

The advantages of composite reinforcement in the country

  • The material can be used in so many fields - construction, gardening, the creation of small architectural forms, auxiliary elements, structures to increase comfort and practicality in the country.
  • Tensile and tensile properties of the material are 3-4 times higher than that of the steel opponent.
  • The material is durable and can last 80-100 years.
  • Neutral to alkalis, humidity and acids.
  • Wide temperature range of application, from -70 ° С to + 100 ° С.
  • The fittings are not subject to corrosion, are not oxidized inside structures.
  • Composite material has an expansion coefficient close to concrete, and therefore excludes cracking of foundations with correct laying.
  • The material is a dielectric, which is very important in summer cottage construction.
  • It can be delivered in segments of the required length or in bays, up to 150-200 m long.
  • There is the possibility of simple assembly into any structure without the use of welding.

The disadvantages of composite reinforcement

There are only a few drawbacks that do not even directly relate to cottage construction:

  • At + 600 ° С the material loses its properties, softens, becomes less elastic;
  • It has a weak modulus of elasticity, much less than that of steel reinforcement, and therefore, when using for floor slabs, you should choose a different material, or do all the calculations correctly;
  • Rods cannot be welded ... but this is not particularly necessary if there are other methods of bonding.

As you can see, the material is great for cottage construction and site design.

In addition, we propose to pay attention to a certain sequence of work, which will give a qualitative idea of ​​economy and practicality:

  • Delivery can even take place by car, as the coils of the fittings easily fit on the trunk. They weigh a little, about 12-24 kg, depending on the diameter of the rod and the meter on the bay;
  • For transfer across the summer cottage, loaders or laborers will not be needed; you can even transfer two or three skeins at a time;
  • A huge advantage lies in the fact that the length of the rod can be up to 150-200 meters, which is very convenient in comparison with steel reinforcement, which is limited to 12 meters;
  • For installation in a foundation, frame or any other design, you do not need special equipment or a master with special knowledge. You work as with ordinary fittings, and do dressings with nylon clamps, without welding!

Material application

We decided to consider in more detail the scope of fiberglass reinforcement in the country, and we will give some examples for this.

Bandaging of the base for country houses

The material can be used to reinforce foundations for low-rise construction, for the construction of a summer kitchen, gazebo, shower and toilet, stove and barbecue, sauna and barn.

The fittings are plastic and do not require special skills for assembly. It is enough to lay it in the place of pouring the foundation, make a dressing and pour concrete. Due to its characteristics, reinforcement will qualitatively strengthen the foundation, will not allow it to crack and will not serve as “cold bridges”, like steel.

Fill reinforced pads

At the dacha, sites are often required, for example, for parking a car, for creating a canopy, and so on. We use different materials for their device - paving slabs, masonry, simple backfill with gravel, but you can always make a high-quality concrete site reinforced with fiberglass reinforcement. The correct miscalculation of depth and dressing is important here, then only the simplest installation and laying of high-quality concrete.

Composite reinforcement greenhouse

We built greenhouses and greenhouses from pipes, steel fittings, metal profiles, wood, metal corners and other materials, but now we have the opportunity to install a spring greenhouse in a matter of hours, almost at no cost.

We only need to cut the rods of the desired length, and install them in a wooden frame or directly in the ground. After, pull the film on top, bring in high-quality fertile soil and begin planting.

Since the reinforcement is light but strong, it is not afraid of moisture and oxidation, in such a greenhouse there will be only one minus - a film that will have to be changed every year or two.

Reinforcement trellis

Trellis made of wood, pipes, thick wire and other materials we have already considered previously. But now you can just cut the pieces of reinforcement from the skein, install a couple of pillars for vertical landscaping, and drive the frame out of composite material. You do not have to clamp bolts and nuts for a long time, work as a welder or hire specialists. It will be enough to tie the frame on the clamps, applying pieces of reinforcement to the main supports in the right place, and manually tightening the clamps.

In addition, strong and durable reinforcement can be used for supports in the garden and in the garden. You can easily make pegs for flowers and ornamental shrubs, for peppers and tomatoes.

The use of fiberglass reinforcement in the country is not just possible, but also more than that, fully justified! It is cheaper than steel, easy to install, perfect for serious and lightweight constructions, does not require special equipment and fits perfectly into the design of the garden and lawn, as it can be chosen in different shades. The material will last for many years without painting and protective equipment, help you save money and increase the practicality of working in the country.

Fiberglass reinforcement: specialist opinion (video)

We do not campaign to buy and use fiberglass reinforcement in the country, but simply give an objective assessment of the material. If you have interesting thoughts about the characteristics, advantages and areas of application of reinforcement in a summer cottage, you are welcome to discuss this article.

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