How to grow a tree peony

How to grow a tree peony

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Before you begin to study and plant this plant, you need to pay attention to the country where the material for planting was grown, as well as the appearance of the plant. Nowadays, tree peonies of Chinese origin are often found in stores. So, there peonies are grown artificially, in which growth accelerators and various simulators are used. Such a peony will not survive in our conditions.

It is necessary to purchase planting material from the root neck, it should have two or three lignified shoots. The height should not exceed 25 cm. The plant itself should be at a dormant stage, that is, with buds not yet opened. Such a peony guarantees its natural origin and healthy condition. But if the acquired peony reaches 30-40 cm and at the same time has only one stem - this is definitely an artificial plant. Consider throwing your money away.

So, when acquiring a tree-like peony, pay attention to whether it is rooted in its own right or grafted onto the roots of a grassy peony. The first option is more preferable, as it is resistant to adverse weather and environmental conditions, is more durable and durable.

If the peony was bought by you in the springtime, then plant it in a large pot filled with nutritious garden soil and put it into the garden when steady light and heat are established. After preparing the landing pit, lower the pot with the plant into it, and already in the fall, with the onset of the dormant period, you can carefully transfer it with a lump into the prepared pit. In this case, orientation to the cardinal points will be preserved. When the first frost sets in, the near-stem circle should be well covered with a layer of peat. Avoid using shavings, straw and manure.

Imagine that you have already acquired a healthy, high-quality planting material, transplanted it into a pot. Here you should familiarize yourself with the rules for growing a tree peony. The place for planting this plant should be well lit by the sun and be protected from the wind. Peony loves permeable loams, but adapts to almost any kind of soil.

The preparation of a pit for planting a peony on the site should be done already 2-3 weeks before this action. The depth of the pit should reach 60-70 cm. A 15-20 centimeter layer of sand should be poured into the bottom, then a layer of weathered manure. Plant the plant itself in soil containing the following elements: peat, humus, topsoil in equal proportions, which should also add ash, bone meal, 100-200 g of superphosphate. Mix everything thoroughly and pour some of the resulting mixture into a hole. On a cone formed in the pit, drop a peony. It is necessary to carefully spread the roots of the plant and then fill it with the remaining soil from above. If you do everything right, the root neck should be almost flush with the edges of the landing pit.

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