Mini tractor for a summer residence: the right choice of small equipment

Mini tractor for a summer residence: the right choice of small equipment

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Each of us in the country has the simplest and most needed tool for repair, garden tools and some additional summer cottage equipment. But there is a more serious technique, which certainly will not hurt. A mini-tractor can be an excellent assistant in the country, which will be discussed today.

We decided to deal with this topic, because such an assistant is needed in large areas, in summer cottages with gardens, lawns and palisades. And therefore, let's go in order and in the most thorough way we will analyze the topic of acquiring such equipment.

The use of a mini tractor in a small cottage

It is very difficult to argue that the maintenance of the site without a mini-tractor is impossible, but it is worth evaluating all the pluses if there is one. Therefore, we decided to tell you about the maximum advantages of the equipment.

Mini tractor with attachments in the country in winter

You can use a useful machine for cleaning snow in a variety of ways, but for this you will need additional equipment.

A miniature tractor needs a blade - a special installation on the front or rear of the machine, with which snow masses can be moved in any convenient direction, for example, to the edge of the road. To work with the blade, it is important to understand that the additional equipment must match the machine, be wider than it, correctly correlate in weight and so on.

It is also nice to use a special brush, thanks to which you can quickly clean snow that has stuck to the road. There is every chance to clear the road surface completely if the snow layer does not exceed 3-5 cm.

You can also install a snow blower on a tractor in winter, which will generally work for you. The equipment will help to remove compressed snow even in those places where it has not been cleaned all winter. It is important to remember here that the layer of such snow should not exceed the height of the clearance and the rotor of the tractor itself, but most often snow blowers are able to cope with a snow layer of 30-50 cm.

A reagent and sand spreader will also be a useful additional purchase. Just an hour of time and a little effort, and you will arrange a high-quality sprinkling against ice on your own site and next to it.

When choosing a mini-tractor, pay attention to all-wheel drive, which will help in winter to overcome almost any snowdrift, high and difficult climb. Four-wheel drive is very useful in the summer, but there are still a lot of necessary things, for example, a heated cabin, additional lighting equipment and so on.

Personal mini-tractor in the summer garden for summer work

If in winter our car most often works on snow removal, then in the summer it has a lot more activities. Right now, when planting crops, caring for them and harvesting, you can maximize the potential of the miracle assistant with special attachments.

There is a whole set of equipment for working in the garden:

  • Special plows for plowing;
  • Rotary cultivators for cultivating the earth;
  • Special equipment for growing and caring for potatoes is a potato planter, potato digger, okuchniki and so on.

A lot of special canopies for garden and lawn care:

  • Chain mowers for harvesting brushwood, shrubs and undergrowth;
  • Rotary mowers with a collection for lawn care;
  • Excavation boom for pits and trenches (planting large-sized and digging drainage).

It is possible to use a mini-tractor on a summer cottage construction site:

  • Drill, concrete mixer and trailer will help with the main work;
  • The wheel loader is useful for loading bulk materials, lifting and transporting, digging pits for special purposes;
  • An excavator on a tractor can easily cope with trenches for laying communications in the country.

As you can see, in winter and summer, a miniature tractor can always be involved, and take up to 100% of the main work!

How to choose a model to work in the country

Serious statements about the practicality of the mini-tractor sound quite loud, but they should not drown you out or blind you, thereby focusing on the quick purchase of a machine for help. This may be the main mistake that will result in the loss of finance, time and nerve cells. Advice from specialists who have found the optimal solution for acquiring equipment for us will help to get around troubles. In addition, they compiled a list of requirements and wishes, which should definitely be presented to the car!

Size matters

Follow the tasks that will be assigned to the machine. For example, you have a medium-sized cottage with an adjacent garden area of ​​0.3-0.5 ha, you will cultivate the land, mow the lawn, and sometimes transport something in the country - a small garden tractor is enough. If you have to clean the snow, sometimes dig trenches and transport building materials - you need transport with a capacity of about 20 hp. and more.

Pay attention to the dimensions. The tractor should freely pass under the arches already collected at the cottage, not touch the trees in the garden, freely enter the garage or under a specially built canopy, and so on.

The turning radius is also very important, although this is no longer a size, but a technical possibility. But be careful, because during work you need to be extremely careful for the safety of people, buildings, plantings.

Mini tractor weight

There is such a thing that a heavy tractor is better than a light one, and it works in most cases. But if you need a car for a garden and a garden, a lawn and a small construction site, then it is better to choose a mini tractor weighing about 1 ton. It will be quite enough for such tasks. In addition, professionals recommend starting from a ratio of 40-50 kg of machine weight per 1 hp. This ratio is perfect for all models up to 100 hp.


This is a very delicate question, which is better to disassemble at the place of purchase, depending on the model of the car, price range, recommendations of the seller and your own requirements. But immediately we want to say that mechanical tractors in the country are much more convenient to work in the garden, while machines on the machine are easier to clear snow and mow the lawn.


Having dealt with many points, there is still an important configuration issue, because thanks to one or another option, the capabilities of your assistant can significantly expand. We would advise you to pay attention to the following:

  • PTO is a power take-off shaft that transmits torque to additional attachments of a mini-tractor. It can be a cultivator, mower, chopper;
  • Cassette mechanism - a device that allows you to remove and install attachments without any problems;
  • Three-point hitch - levers for installing universal equipment;
  • Hydrostatic transmission, simply, automatic transmission, due to which even a person without experience can work on technology;
  • Hydraulic valves and hydraulic pump performance, which regulate the possibility of installing special hydraulic equipment on the tractor and make its work the most efficient. An example is a loader or an excavator.
  • In addition, you can always adjust the configuration depending on your own requirements and the tasks presented. It is possible to install all-wheel drive, a heated cabin, additional lighting equipment and ease of control, for example, power steering.

Determine the price of a mini tractor

As a rule, this is a rather expensive technique for a summer residence, which should be acquired only when it is really needed. But if you have the opportunity, you can always buy an inexpensive mini-tractor or even a used one to help in the country.

Now it is possible to purchase almost any brand, as in our country there are many representative offices and official dealers. In addition, it is not a problem to get a car made in China or Japan and “experienced in battles”, but it’s worthwhile to be well versed in technology so as not to run into trouble.

In general opinion, we recommend buying a mini-tractor of average cost and capabilities, selected specifically for the needs of the cottage. A small garden tractor may not be enough, and you obviously do not need a large and powerful one in the yard!

Alternative to a mini-tractor in a summer cottage

Since we cannot know the needs of all our readers, and the tasks that they assign to the equipment, we offer to consider alternatives to the mini-tractor. It is quite possible that one of the proposed options will suit you even more!

Country motor-blocks

Modern motoblocks are presented by hundreds of models in the most various price niches. Also, you can always choose a simple or multifunctional technique. Motoblocks are designed for working with the ground - loosening, planting, sowing, and so on, but are also suitable for work on snow removal, mowing hay, grass.

Loaders for cottages

If construction is underway at the summer cottage, or the land is equipped for a business, for example, selling bulk building materials, humus and so on, you may need a compact loader. A machine with an average power will do its job well - load and transport, remove and mow ... for this, as usual, there is all the necessary attachments. But remember that the loader is not suitable for working in the garden and the vegetable garden, as it has quite a lot of weight.

Hydraulic tractor

Practical machine with a wide range of attachments for work in the country and at the construction site. Transporting, digging, loading and unloading - yes, it’s quite convenient, but when working with the ground, loosening, digging and high-quality cultivation, problems can arise. The reason is simple - the hydraulic loader is less functional.

Second-hand equipment for a summer residence: is it worth it

Due to the high prices for new equipment, as well as the serious need for a high-quality and effective assistant in the country, we often think about buying a used model for a season or two. But should this be done, because it is simply cheaper than a new one, but also not cheap? In principle, it's up to you to decide, but we want to give some practical advice, or rather, warnings:

  • With used equipment, the problems can be very diverse, but they are exacerbated by the lack of service. It is quite realistic that an inexpensive brand will be acquired, services and parts for which there is neither in the village, nor in the city, nor in the region;
  • A similar technique is sold without instruction, which is understandable, but also often does not have a table of contents in generally accepted English. When you come across a car with a bunch of half-worn hieroglyphs, you will immediately remember our words about such an inconvenience;
  • You can buy equipment without a “native” attachment, and you can’t find a suitable one. There are many reasons - there are no models, no deliveries, they were discontinued and so on. And at the same time, standard equipment from other models is also not suitable;
  • Doubtful safety. When purchasing used equipment, we do not know what it is capable of and what hidden breakdowns are in it. If you make a decision on the purchase and use of used mini-tractors, be careful and careful, as well as conduct a full MOT before using the equipment in the country!

Mini tractor for working in the country (video)

Choosing a mini tractor to give is quite difficult, especially to a person who had never before encountered such mechanized and automated help. But if there is a desire to make your work easier, study the topic well, be patient and try to find a technique really worthy of you and your site. If among us there are specialists in tractors, walk-behind tractors and other similar equipment and machines, we invite you to join the conversation and ask us to give us some tips in the comments!

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