The original decoration of the facade of the country house

The original decoration of the facade of the country house

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Work on a summer cottage, planting fruits and vegetables, fertilizing the soil and pruning trees ... all this is a bit exhausting and suggests thoughts of relaxation. But we are not used to relaxing, and therefore we will spend our free time productively - we will originally decorate the facade of the country house and the land itself!

Of course, any country work distracts from the design of the site and buildings, but for this, you also need to allocate time, because while we dig, water and harvest, our country houses become old and dilapidated. Today we will correct the situation in the most unusual way - we will decorate a country house cheaply and cheerfully !!! And if to tell the truth at all, the decoration will be truly exclusive.

You can do decoration of the facade of a country house at any time convenient for you, because this is not work, but sheer pleasure. All you need is a little creativity and vivid fantasies. Of course, the options we have proposed will not be implemented in an hour or two, but you will be really pleased with the appearance of the house and garden!

Decoration of a country house with bottle caps

We talked for a long time about the use of plastic bottles in the country, examined and studied in detail the processes and objects of glass bottles, invented compositions from other inexpensive and improvised materials, but today we will talk with you about the caps from plastic bottles.

It would seem like ordinary garbage that will not work for anything. Well, a bottle of soda, it can become a hotbed, a small pot for a plant, serve as an ashtray or just a small storage tank for water. But it turns out that the upper part of the bottle, namely the lid, can be useful in the country. The only thing that’s bad is to collect enough “working material” is very difficult, especially if you read the article immediately want updates on the cottage ...

But nothing, all the problems we have can be easily solved, and therefore we immediately turn to the main topic and learn to decorate the country house with bottle caps!

Decoration of a house window with caps

A little lower, in the photo, we have an old wooden house, which is being repaired, but to make it long and painful. If you have the same house, a summer kitchen or a shed in the country, you don’t want to invest in it, but you should update it for a long time, we suggest you follow us!

We start the warm spring season in the country with a good mood, and therefore we use bright colors for the facade and windows of the house. Fanta, cola, mineral water, sprite and lemonade, respectively, covers orange, red, blue, green and yellow. They are fixed on the surface of a wooden structure to small nails or screws. Someone will use glue, but immediately warn that on the street this is not very practical.

A light living drawing immediately changes the appearance of the house, and you spent only a couple of hours on the design. Well, provided that you already had the caps!

Decoration of the facade of the house with caps

We will not go over the words and rewrite what it’s from, but just point out that for such a pretty picture we used the same caps from plastic bottles - from under cola, water, beer, and other drinks.

A few small nails, the ability to draw beautiful flowers in large sizes, an hour of work, and you're done!

Making the whole house with caps

Well, here the work is clearly not for an hour, and not even for a day. Agree, the whole picture, a miracle, a masterpiece and many more wonderful epithets.

An old summer house is gradually turning into a new, bright and colorful, which will now not only be looked at, but with envy.

Of course, there are several problems here - observing the correct and symmetrical pattern and ornament, as well as a huge number of caps from plastic bottles. In the case of such registration, you will need to collect material for a long time, or even redeem it from friends, relatives, neighbors in the country. But, if you conceive such a work, we only wish you good luck and inspiration!

Decorating your house with lids: another great project

We cannot but show you another creation. Unfortunately, its author is not known to us. But it can clearly be said that this is a very patient person who is versed in art and honors the ancient coloring and culture.

A very beautiful house, the design of which took thousands of bottle caps.

Garden Cover Decoration

As promised, we present you a couple of very nice garden items.

First of all, we have a very nice and bright snail, for the production of which you do not need to be especially distracted for a long time or use a complex tool. It is enough to allocate time for lunch or in the late afternoon, cut out the outline of a snail from plywood or plastic, take a couple of hundred caps from plastic bottles, and get down to business.

To make it easier to work, make yourself a small layout of the covers directly on the layout of the snail. Draw the course of the caps, some pattern, roughly indicate the colors. As a result, you get a garden figure that you can install anywhere - in the garden, at the entrance to the house or in the yard, at the foot of an old tree, on a new flowerbed of car tires and so on.

Country crafts continue to please us, and the next step is a funny bird - a penguin from the lids. Everything is already traditional here - a mock-up of a piece of plastic, plywood, fiberboard, thin OSB or even the remains of polycarbonate from a visor or greenhouse, as well as a couple of dozen lids.

Cut the form, place covers on it, decorate with flowers and the direction of the covers, create a new garden figure and install it on a summer cottage in any convenient place.

In the same way, figures of hares, foxes, parrots, wolves, turtles can be made ... yes to anyone who you like more, albeit cartoon characters from your favorite children's animation.

Painting the facade of a country house with paints

It is not easy to work with covers, but it is even more difficult to use paint to decorate the facade and walls of a country house. Here you need not only to be able to use paints, but to draw, have talent, or at least a desire to create.

In general, we recommend that you undertake such work only for those people who already held a brush or pencil in their hands, and successfully. If not, and there is a desire to decorate the walls of the house with such masterpieces, look for talents among relatives or friends, and trust them with your buildings in the country house for painting.

The process of decorating with paints requires some preparation, since the painting of the country house should be on a flat surface. If in the area of ​​the hut, it will be necessary to carry out plastering, puttying, grouting and priming of the surface. If the surface is brick, then the walls also need to be plastered and as level as possible. In general, any surface will have to be leveled, so we recommend that you think carefully about decorating the facade in this way (a few more original ideas).

As you can see, there are two problems at once - the urgent need of a skilled artist and a “canvas” for his creations. If there is no possibility of painting under such conditions, it is better to refuse the option and consider others!

Complex decoration of the facade of the house in the country

If the previous options do not suit you, you can always make everything simpler. You do not need to prepare surfaces, spend money on materials, look for unearthly talents and special paints, because it will be enough to fantasize a little and collect all your positiveness to decorate the facade.

Take a look at the image below. You must admit that bright colors look very harmonious even on the brick surface of the wall. And how well the blue and pink color of the flower pots on the wall, the flowerpots in the palisade, the green fence and the intricate bright figure complement it ... it seems to us very beautiful, and most importantly, such a design really costs a penny.

Simple drawings on the walls of a country house

You don’t want difficulties and don’t worry about how the walls of your house will look like - draw on the walls yourself or even entrust the creativity to the children! In our next photo, everything is very simple, but at the same time, cute and pretty - a picture on the wall, without preparation and expensive paints, but also the real design of the territory - crafts from bottles, crafts from logs, light lawn and so on.

If you like this design - please, no one stops, because the most important thing is that you update the site brightly and beautifully, while making it nice for yourself and your family!

Simple and inexpensive decoration of the facade of the house

But we have an even simpler method. It is suitable for people who need to decorate the walls, but there is not enough time and money for expensive repairs or painting. To tell the truth, there are tens of thousands of us, and we are only glad that we can find a way out of any situation. Today the way out is to paint the walls of a wooden house with the remains of paints, simple brushes, different colors - the main thing is to refresh, give colors and moods. And, you see, it turns out very well !!! This material will also be useful before the New Year holidays.

How to decorate the house with lids (video)

Decoration of a country house, like any other building, surface or territory in the country - an important work for each of us. This is a renewal, and a worthy lesson in the break between gardening and gardening, and a good mood for the whole family. Therefore, never backtrack from your goals and, if possible, make even the simplest decor in the country. The main thing is that you like him and serve for many years! Well, if you have interesting thoughts about today's article, please share them a little lower in the discussions!

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