Chicken Manure Fertilizer: A Brief Guide to Experimental Use

Chicken Manure Fertilizer: A Brief Guide to Experimental Use

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The not very pleasant aroma and consistency of the prepared fertilizer a hundredfold return to us with an excellent harvest, and therefore we believe that we can tolerate it. Fertilizer with chicken litter is a classic of summer cottage business, but there are certain nuances.

Earlier, when we studied organic fertilizers for feeding plants on the site, we also mentioned bird droppings. The article specified the application rate, content and some more features, but today we will continue the conversation and tell you a lot more useful. In particular, we will show you how to properly fertilize the soil under trees and shrubs, and how to use chicken droppings under fruit crops in the palisade and in the garden. These are additional methods of using organic material, which we propose to express our opinion in the comments on the article.

Litter of chickens is a practical and universal fertilizer for a huge number of crops that can be used in a dry, composted and diluted form. In addition to improving the quality of soil in the garden, fertilizing with chicken droppings will also help with its disposal. This aspect will help minimize odors in the country house, reduce the number of harmful insects, put in order the house and the summer pen for chickens. How quickly, correctly and most effectively use natural fertilizer to get so many beneficial effects? We’ll talk about it now!

Fertilize trees and shrubs

If the litter is purchased, then fertilizing trees, shrubs and perennials can be an expensive pleasure. But if you keep chickens in the country, then they simultaneously become a supplier of not only tasty meat and eggs, but also a substance useful for plants. You can even use for feeding not a clean litter, but a ready-made litter, which you will periodically remove from the house.

This composition, which for many is garbage, can be poured under the trees and shrubs. Since the content of litter in the litter is minimal, you can not worry about oversaturation, the main thing is not to sprinkle fertilizer on the roots and not water the plants immediately after fertilizing the soil, to allow the litter to lie down a bit, to dry.

According to experts, under one adult tree in the warm season it is necessary to litter a bucket, and therefore during the season each tree can be fertilized 3-4 times by adding litter (remember that the content of active substance in the litter is low, that is, for 3-4 times it turns out just about a bucket of fertilizer). With shrubs, we would advise you to be a little more careful and use the substance, taking into account the norms of fertilizing for a particular type of plant.

Benefits of Fertilizer Litter

Why is this method chosen? Now explain:

  • By performing timely cleaning in the chicken coop, we make it safe for the health of birds. In addition, the smell from this part of the household yard, the number of flies and midges are significantly reduced;
  • Any tree or shrub, under which we pour out the litter with droppings, receives top dressing gradually, since this composition decomposes quite slowly. In addition, the mixture is composted due to insects, solar heat and watering. Gradually, all nutrients enter the soil and are transmitted to the root system of plants;
  • Litter becomes an organic mulch, which positively affects any country culture. But in addition to this, it is recommended to fill up the litter with broken bark or wood chips.

Be careful, because fresh chicken droppings can harm the root system of plants. Therefore, it is necessary to sprinkle it with the litter, in small portions, not on the roots, but on the ground, in the trunk circles.

Fertilize vegetables and berry plants

The process of introducing litter under trees and vegetables is very different, so be careful when using such top dressings. Using the substance not according to the instructions can quickly destroy the plants, and not have a beneficial effect.

You can not use fresh chicken litter to fertilize the soil under small plants, since their root system can negatively react to an excess of substances. Here you will need to dilute the prescription and insist it. In addition, pay attention to the fact that many pathogens that live in the litter and litter can infect fruits that are located near the surface of the soil (strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, greens on a cut, and so on).

Fertilizing leaf crops with droppings occurs a few months before planting. Fertilizer is applied to loose soil and lightly dug. At the time of planting, the product is considered harmless to plants, and the soil into which it was applied is saturated with nutrients.

Under berries, it is recommended to bring droppings about 3 months before planting or before the plants awaken, that is, after mid-winter. When strawberries, strawberries and other berries awaken and begin to develop under the warm rays of the sun, the soil must be mulched with compost and straw.

If you plan to fertilize the droppings of crops during their development, then you should carefully study the agricultural technology of plants, the norms and methods of introducing the substance. The most commonly used fertilizer diluted with water is that it must be prepared correctly.

Preparation and use of fertilizer from chicken litter

Professional summer residents, specialists in agricultural technology on the Web, as well as our neighbors in the country - skilled grandparents, describe dozens of recipes for feeding from bird droppings. You will have to choose the most appropriate and effective one personally, starting from the content of substances in such fertilizer and in the nutrient requirements of the plants themselves.

Use dry, rotted, liquid chicken droppings, but be sure to combine it with the rules of growing plants and application rates to bring only benefits, but not harm.

In addition, if you have high-quality recipes for cooking, you can share them in the comments. For this we will be grateful not only to you, but also to other summer residents reading the article.

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