Glowing stones: magic light in your garden

Glowing stones: magic light in your garden

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In landscape design, stones of different types and origin are actively and fruitfully used. Of particular interest is the exotic large-sized stones. Luminous stones, which look spectacular at night, giving the landscape a touch of mystery, romance, and fairy tale, have become a novelty of the last time.

Stones with the lighting effect became an excellent solution to the issue of lighting in the dark and at the same time gave landscape designers the opportunity to create original, elegant landscapes.

Aesthetically and light!

The use of self-luminous stones in the landscape allows you to abandon the electric lights, which are usually installed to illuminate the dark corners of the garden. The paths and paths along which such decorative elements lie are perfectly visible at night, so the danger of not noticing an obstacle and tripping is minimized.

Of course, such products are chosen precisely because of their impressive aesthetic appearance, but it is worth noting that replacing the flashlights, they save energy.

Use cases in landscaping

Glowing stones represent a lot of opportunities for aesthetic decoration of the garden, you just need to include a designer imagination and not be afraid to fantasize.

For example, paving slabs in the vicinity of stones acquire additional charm and originality. Selecting products of different colors, differing in size and degree of luminescence, you can make original combinations and get unique drawings.

A luminous stone crumb sprinkled on a track or the bottom of a reservoir looks very picturesque. Objects are produced in a shape resembling sea pebbles, the colors of which vary widely: green, coral, blue, red, pink, lemon, etc.

Large semicircular stones similar to river boulders are also made. They are used to decorate flower beds, ponds, paths. Small pebbles can be laid out on the path, and luminous boulders can be placed at the edges. Small can draw the bottom of the reservoir, pool, and on the shore to place large elements. Some luminous stones are lighter than water, then they will float on the surface, heavier stones will shine from the bottom of the reservoir.

You can come up with a lot of ways to decorate using glowing stones, if you have such an experience, share it with us and readers.

Making luminous stones

The material for the manufacture of this element of street decor is heavy-duty polymer plastic, into which a luminous powder is mixed in at a certain stage of production. High-quality products are able to withstand significant physical stress, resistant to chemical attack (alkali, reagents). The surface is glossy or matte. During the day, stones accumulate energy, and with the onset of twilight I begin to radiate light. A good charge takes only a few minutes (10-15 minutes) and at the same time they can accumulate energy even on a cloudy day, in the evening, and even from artificial light sources like a lighter and a flashlight. Products are environmentally friendly, non-radioactive and do not contain toxic substances. The secret of the glow can also be in the LEDs installed inside them, such instances will shine for about 10 years.

DIY glowing stones

You can get such ornaments for the site with your own hands by painting with natural fluorescent paint. Such paint is waterproof and harmless to animals and humans, so that products can safely decorate both aquariums and a fish pond. The selected specimens (previously well washed and dried) are covered with paint, especially carefully staining places where there are cracks. High-quality paint, which has the property of glowing in the dark, is also persistent, it does not fade, does not disappear under the influence of precipitation, therefore the stones painted by it retain their original appearance for a long time. We give the paint time to dry, and then lay out decorative elements, for example, along the track.

Stones with a glow in landscaping

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