Top 10 mistakes a beginner landscape designer

Top 10 mistakes a beginner landscape designer

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To make mistakes is typical of every person, especially one who has decided to proceed with certain actions without proper experience. Today we will tell you about the main mistakes in landscape design that every summer resident deals with on his own site.

In the world of professional landscape design, there are special algorithms that have been developed over the years and have been improving for decades. Stepping over them and completely ignoring them, you can seriously spoil the situation on the land, despite the state in which it was originally. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully study the main mistakes of novice landscape artists, so as not to allow them in the future.

We have built this list on our own experience, relying also on the advice of other professionals!

Complete chaos in landscape design

Inexperienced summer residents often try to do everything on their own, starting only from their own opinions, and completely excluding the rules of exterior design from their own actions. This is categorically wrong, because in this situation it is extremely rare to get something good, and more often - real chaos.

You need to immediately learn that for the placement of small architectural forms, planting plants, laying lawns, the distribution of plots for gardening there is a huge number, albeit not strict rules, but high-quality recommendations. Therefore, it will be very illogical to simply scatter flower seeds in the palisade, place a garden inside the garden, build water objects near the farm, and so on.

First of all, it should be remembered that harmony, comfort and beauty should reign on the site, no more frills are required that, if mistreated, can render a disservice. There are a lot of errors of this nature, and therefore, to avoid them as much as possible, you will need to draw up a preliminary plan of action, which you will follow until the end. Think everything very carefully, from installing the foundation under the support wall, and ending with the preparation of seeds for planting, and then you will succeed. Otherwise, there are impenetrable thickets, inconvenient routing around the site, a burned-out lawn, as well as other unforgivable mistakes that will spoil not only your site, but also your mood!

Ignoring convenience, functionality and practicality

Many of us, engaged in the design and arrangement of our own site, forget about the most important thing - about practicality and functionality. Of course, thanks to this, the conveniences are lost, albeit not the very use of all the innovations, but their service. Equal to modernity, fashion and neighborly novelties force us to build larger pools, install gazebos more discreetly, plant gardens more expensive ... but what about the maintenance of all this? But what about the means and forces that will have to be spent in the future on maintenance?

Naturally, the attractiveness of the site should be taken care of, but only prudently. Perhaps we will start with functionality. Here it is imperative to correctly distribute the areas into which the landscape will be divided. First of all, everything should be simple for you, as accessible as possible, but also convenient to use. Water supply, electrification, water drainage, the location of buildings and small architectural forms - everything should be carefully thought out.

Next, a little about practicality. Paths in the garden, plantings, gazebos and barbecue facilities, outdoor showers and septic tanks - all this is worth considering. You must exclude uncomfortable turns, fences that interfere with movement, a gazebo in front of the house that will cover the facade, and other little things that can create a dash creatively. It will be very practical to think about the future, and more precisely, about servicing the cottage. For example, you can build not the largest pool, but a little smaller, which will not seriously affect costs and which can be quickly cleaned. The same applies to architectural forms that should be chosen in style, perhaps even from inexpensive materials. These are just examples, but they are worth your attention.

You can talk about convenience for a long time, but it itself will appear if you follow a plan that provides for and prevents various unpleasant moments.

Refusal of work, purchase of tools and special equipment

By purchasing a cottage, we hope for a miracle - the grass will grow, the trees will bear fruit and hide us from the shade of the crowns from the sun, the house will stand still for several years without repair ... this is one of the gravest mistakes of the summer resident !!! You can’t leave everything for later, everything should be given the proper part of the time, and for this, as it has become customary, we need various summer cottage accessories. Believe me, there will be a lot of construction and other work in the country, and therefore it is better to immediately buy everything you need, than to borrow a shovel or hacksaw from your neighbors each time. But at first you can start from your own ingenuity, for example, to plant trees not by roulette, but by measuring the distance with a thread, hammer nails with an ax butt, and so on. But this does not mean at all that you should forget about the acquisition of tools and accessories, because the simplest set should arrive at the cottage already in the first week after settling in the territory!

Destruction of nature for the benefit of technological progress

The first thing the newly-minted owner of the summer cottage does is distributes what and where will be located. At this moment, there are thoughts to change the landscape, to carry out geoplasty, uproot the garden, install a children's slide in the palisade, concrete part of the earth, etc. Of course, the owner, as they say, is a very gentleman, but do not rush with such decisions, because very often they turn out to be wrong.

According to statistics, hasty decisions in almost half of the cases lead to nerves and financial losses, if everything is well thought out, then everything can turn out perfect right the first time. Think carefully about our examples and revise your initial decisions based on them.

Let's say you want to clean the old garden and plant young fruit trees. An excellent solution, but young trees will only yield crops in a few years, and you, right after the tree rooting out, will lose the necessary shade in the hot summer, which is so necessary for shade-loving plants, and you too. The solution can be the uprooting of only a few, the oldest and sickest trees, and the installation of an arbor in the old garden or just country furniture for relaxation. The young garden should be planted at a distance from the old one, not in the shade, or maybe in a new place.

At the cottage there is a lake or a sleeve of the river that you want to fall asleep. This happens when the smell of stagnant water and midges make people nervous. But by draining the reservoir, you will only achieve an increase in the “dry” area of ​​your allotment by several square meters. It seems to us that it is much better to clean the pond, plant plants on the shore, put fish in a clean pond or organize water intake for technical purposes. In addition, there are always many ways to get rid of unpleasant odors and annoying insects. Such a solution will give you the opportunity to turn the ugly into cute, as well as save a lot of money on the construction of a new reservoir.

There are many such examples, and you yourself will understand everything as soon as you weigh all your own decisions and evaluate the problems of giving from the other side.

No attention to soil and bumps

The topography and soil quality play a very important role in the design and arrangement of the summer cottage, because the ability to grow certain plants, as well as get their wonderful flowering and yield, directly depends on such factors. Therefore, do not ignore the indicators of soil quality and acidity, the level of groundwater, the general elevation on the site, and the relief.

We recommend that you pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of diverse soil. Here you should think about plants that can grow on slopes, or that need quiet places in depressions. It is worth turning to cultures that love hilly terrain and most reveal their positive aspects closer to the sun, on hilltops.

By monitoring the quality of the soil, and understanding which plants to plant on hilly or flat terrain, you will achieve tremendous success in floriculture and gardening.

Improper watering, fertilizer and general care

Having formed the landscape, choosing and planting flowers, shrubs and trees in the country, many assume that this is enough, and forget about the most basic - standard care for the created beauty. This is a serious mistake, because in the near future there is an unpleasant chance to lose all this. Untimely watering, improper fertilizer application, ignoring pruning and forming crowns, poor soil care - all this can lead to negative consequences.

You should accurately understand the agricultural technology of the plants that you have chosen for the summer cottage, do not forget about the care and specific fertilizing, provide conditions that will only favorably affect development.

Disregard for the cottage in winter

Spring, summer and autumn in the country are the best times, but winter is the time of gloom. Is it so? Perhaps, but not quite, because in winter there is work that needs to be done, as well as many bright moments that can turn a bad mood into true fun. Winter cottage is a new field for revelry of imagination and it is the place where you can actively relax, enjoy and even have fun with children.

If you do not do ordinary business at the dacha in the winter, do not heat and cut the plants, do not cut firewood and store the crop incorrectly, you can lose a lot in the spring, and therefore we recommend that you urgently turn to the materials of our site that are related to winter topics.

In addition, you can always brighten up your work with a fun holiday that contributes to a pleasant time in the company of your children and family friends. For this, each of us has been given a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the frosty pores and, for example, build special sites, slides and snow castles for games and entertainment. You can learn about this and much more from an article that tells in all colors what to do in the winter at the cottage.

Poor maintenance of buildings, fences, architectural forms

A summer resident is the same landscape designer, but also a builder who constantly makes auxiliary buildings, architectural forms, etc. All our products and buildings are not eternal, which means they are subject to constant care.

Not only plants and soil need attention, but every barn, barbecue, outdoor shower in the country. Therefore, if you do not want to completely update the landscape and exterior of the cottage, try to take care of all your property every year, at least a little. This means filling the cracks in the walls of the house and the garage, replacing the broken slate in the barn or repairing the holes in the canopy above the recreation area, minor repairs, painting and updating fences, arbors, grills and stoves. It is simply impossible to ignore this, because every such trifle can lead to financial losses, unexpected time and mood changes for the worse, which necessarily affects the landscape of the cottage in general.

Ignoring the advice and help of professionals

Why is a landscape designer needed? It is for the creation, maintenance, analysis and completion of projects related to your land. Of course, this is all on a professional level ... as for saving and self-catering, this is also possible, but only if you rely on the advice of experienced people. You can’t give up on the recommendations of grandparents with chic gardens, you can’t ignore high-quality programs for landscape design, you can’t start construction without skills and algorithms that are well understood by high-level builders. Therefore, try to collect smart and practical advice, to single out the most necessary and informative from them, and be sure to put the acquired knowledge into practice, especially if you create a summer house and landscape with your own hands!

You can also independently learn garden design for beginners: there are many lessons, courses, books, manuals and videos on the Internet, free and online - you can do it right on your site!

General incompetence, unwillingness to work correctly

In principle, we mentioned this in several previous sections, but at the end of our material we really want to remind you that everything comes with experience, and experience must be taken from knowledgeable people. If you just purchased a summer cottage and want to get a beautiful, functional and practical area for work and leisure, admit that you are still not a pro, and try to adopt the coolest advice from specialists. Every day you will become more and more competent in matters of summer cottage, and in a few years you will be able to help beginners themselves, who, like many beginning summer residents, did not want to study and work correctly, but only had their own opinions. This material will be interesting to owners of irregularly shaped plots.

Landscaping: video for beginners

Today we have identified the main mistakes of summer residents and beginner landscapes in your court, but you may not agree with us, and therefore we ask you to comment on the current material, or perhaps to supplement it with your own opinion, for which we will be very grateful! We recommend that you read the article on the rules for combining colors when composing landscape compositions.

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