Lunar sowing calendar of gardener by day for June 2019

Lunar sowing calendar of gardener by day for June 2019

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The lunar sowing calendar for gardening in June 2018 recommends that active work on planting various garden crops be initiated. As a rule, work with plants of a long day is actively being conducted at this time.

What to plant at the beginning of the month according to the lunar calendar for June 2018

According to the advice of the lunar sowing calendar, in early June, corn, beets, beans, peas and carrots are planted. You can sow peas, turnips, celery, planted tomato seedlings.

The gardener's table allows peppers and eggplant to be planted in the ground in the first half of June. You can sow cauliflower and winter radish. If there is no danger of frost, you can plant melons, zucchini, pumpkins and watermelons. June is a month for collecting turnips, radishes, onions. After harvesting, crops can be re-planted by swapping them.

Until the middle of the month, the lunar sowing calendar for June 2018 recommends planting seedlings of cabbage, potatoes, pumpkin and radish. Cauliflower, lettuce, radish and kohlrabi are being planted again.

Mid-month landings

Favorable work in the middle of the month - planting tomatoes, eggplant and cucumbers. You can start planting peppers in greenhouses or just on ridges.

The Urals and the Volga region can plant ornamental plants in the open ground:

  • Coleus (Coleus);
  • amaranth;
  • begonias (Begonia);
  • Balsamina (Impatiencs Balsamina).

On the greenhouse beds you can plant the seeds of forget-me-nots, hesperis and daisies. In mid-June, a day should be allocated for planting trees, as well as sow late seedlings of cucumbers and tomatoes. At the same time, the daikon is sown.

Landing work in June on the lunar calendar for 2018

Across Russia, from Siberia to the Moscow Region, fennel seeds can be sown at the end of June. The presented plant of a short day grows well at this time. Along with it, sowing of leaf lettuce and radish is carried out.

You can sow peas. The lunar sowing calendar for 2018 recommends sowing it at the end of June, then the peas will not be worms.

The lunar sowing calendar for 2018 indicates that at the end of the month it is worth planting asparagus beans. Varieties at the same time are selected early ripening, capable of ripening in 50 days from the appearance of seedlings. When planting in late June, the beans turn out to be juicy, as its ripening falls at the end of summer, when there is a lot of rainfall.

Rules of landing in June

When planting in June, some rules should be followed. The gardener's calendar recommends planting basil near tomatoes, onions or cucumbers. Dill can live with everyone, but the forbidden neighbors are watercress and basil.

Fennel is not able to get along with bush beans. Watercress does not tolerate the neighborhood of beets, but will be a wonderful companion to radishes, radishes and carrots.

Cucumber prefers when there are a large number of vegetables near it: cabbage, beans, beets. However, it should not be planted next to onions, lettuce and turnips. Peas should not be planted with bush beans. And he will have a beneficial effect on fennel, radish and sunflower.

Broccoli can be planted next to white cabbage, carrots, dill, spinach. By the fall, an additional crop can be removed to make room for already grown cabbage. Vegetables are not planted next to fennel and watercress.

Having studied the gardener's calendar and the rules of the neighborhood of cultures relative to each other, you can plant a large number of plants even in a small area. For example, you can plant onions, between them a salad, next to a cucumber and in the aisles of corn.

It will be convenient to take the calendar of the gardener and gardener for 2018 and, having looked at which days and what is recommended to be planted, make a diagram on a leaf.

Important! At the beginning of the month, frosts can still occur, so it is worthwhile to take measures in advance to prevent colds or to protect against them.

Seasonal plantings in June

Lunar sowing calendar for the gardener and gardener for June 2018: favorable and unfavorable days


Moon in the zodiac sign. Moon phase

Recommended work in the garden

Not recommended work in the garden



Moon in the sign Capricorn

Dive and transplant plants sown in the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Performing cuttings and rooting of fruit crops, sowing melons, herbs, strawberries or strawberries



Moon in the sign Capricorn

The implementation of spraying and fumigation of plants from pathogenic microorganisms and plant parasites

Carrying out budding, due to reduced survival and vitality of the roots



Moon in the sign of Aquarius

Rooting cuttings, fertilizing, watering, followed by loosening

It is forbidden to inoculate stone crops and spray plants with chemicals



Moon in the sign of Aquarius

Planting any tuberous flowers, as well as ornamental shrubs and rose bushes

Rejuvenating pruning, crown formation or nipping



Moon in the sign of Aquarius

Sowing and planting plants for the purpose of long-term storage of crops and collection of seed material

Trimming to rejuvenate, forming a crown and pinching



Moon in the sign of Pisces

Sowing seeds and planting seedlings of spicy and medicinal herbs, flower and climbing ornamental crops

Transplantation, root division, as well as other methods of propagation of bulb and tuber-bulb plants



Moon in the sign of Pisces

Sowing seeds and planting seedlings for harvesting long-term storage and obtaining seeds

Carrying out strong pruning, as well as digging potatoes with a bookmark for storage



Moon in the sign Aries

Sowing and planting any fast-growing medicinal crops, as well as rooting cuttings of fruit and berry plants

Carrying out strong pruning, fertilizing under garden crops



Moon in the sign Aries

Digging and loosening, hilling plants and thinning seedlings, as well as removing stepsons of tomatoes and mustaches of strawberries

You can not carry out any pruning, due to the increased level of sensitivity of the crown to damage



Moon in the sign Taurus

Planting stocks for the purpose of further re-grafting, plant transplantation with a weak root system

Planting seedlings of garden crops, removing stepchildren, pruning and pinching



Moon in the sign Taurus

Preventive measures against diseases and pests, root and extra root top dressing

Work related to the root system of plants, including loosening the soil



Moon in the sign of Gemini

Grain harvesting, procurement of medicinal plant materials

Any work with the use of garden tools



Moon in the sign of Gemini

Crown shaping, crop rationing, stepson removal, strawberry mustache cutting, pinching

Excessive watering and feeding can provoke diseases of the root system



Moon in Cancer

Nailing, pinching; conducting preventive spraying, collecting seed material

Excessive watering and feeding can provoke diseases of the root system



Moon in Cancer

Planting any seedlings, planting seed potatoes, sowing flower crops, watering and cultivating

Preventive treatment against diseases and plant parasites, harvesting soil substrates



Moon in the sign of Leo

The introduction of mineral and organic fertilizers in a reduced dosage

Pruning plants, preventive treatment against diseases and plant parasites



Moon in the sign of Leo

Harvesting of medicinal plant materials, composting

Excessive irrigation measures and overfeeding garden plants



Moon in the sign of Virgo

Autumn plowing, preparation of garden ridges, loosening and hilling, replacing soil substrate in flower pots

Implementation of activities related to picking seedlings or pinching garden crops



Moon in the sign of Virgo

Thinning seedlings, removing weeds and strawberry mustaches, sanitary pruning

Sowing and planting for a long-term harvest



Moon in the sign of Virgo

Soaking and germinating seeds, sowing and planting seedlings, pinching

Do not carry out loosening in the root zone, as well as transplant plants



Moon in the sign of Libra

Digging bulb crops, harvesting for long-term storage, winter harvesting and canning

Do not pinch and dive, as well as perform work with garden tools.



Moon in the sign of Libra

Sowing, planting seedlings of melons and climbing crops, strawberries and strawberries, beans and peas

It is undesirable to plant or transplant any herbaceous plants



Moon in the sign of Scorpio

Planting and seeding of decorative ampelous plants with drooping, creeping or creeping stems

You can’t cut down and uproot trees, collect medicinal herbs, dig up garden crops



Moon in the sign of Scorpio

Pre-sowing preparation, including soaking seeds, as well as sowing and planting seedlings of any annuals

Transplantation of fruit and berry, curly and ampelous, decorative wood crops



Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Compost heap tab

collection of medicinal raw materials, harvesting of collected vegetable products for the winter

Planting and sowing work in the garden and indoor floriculture, as well as hilling and cultivation



Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Proper pruning of all excess or injured shoots in order to increase productivity and crown formation

You can not uncontrollably water the plants, as well as make excessive fertilizing



Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Harvesting potatoes and other root crops for long-term storage, digging flower bulbs

Sanitary, anti-aging and shaping pruning, as well as budding



Moon in the sign Capricorn

Picking of grown seedlings and replanting of garden plants and flower crops

It is impossible to transplant and prune fruit plants and shrubs



Moon in the sign Capricorn

Root division in the process of transplanting flowering perennials, as well as reproduction by layering

It is impossible to transplant and prune fruit plants and shrubs



Moon in the sign of Aquarius

Harvesting plants for seed and long-term storage, harvesting plant materials

Any pruning and diving of plants, vaccination and preventive spraying

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